As A Fountain In A Garden

Kamla K. Kapur is a poet, playwright, and novelist. She was born and raised in India and studied in India and the USA. Earlier, while in India, she was a freelance writer for The Times of India, The Hindustan Times, India Today. She also hosted shows about art and artists on Delhi TV and won two Indian National Awards (Sultan Padamsee Awards)  for her plays which have been produced in Delhi and Chandigarh . She taught at Delhi University and currently is on the  faculty of Grossmont College in San Diego, California where she has taught courses in playwriting, poetry, creative non-fiction,  mythology, and Shakespeare.

As A Fountain In A Garden is her second published book of poems. Her writing has also appeared in anthologies and journals in India and the USA, including Parabola, a New York City based journal on myth and culture. She is currently completing her first novel, The Autobiography of Saint Padma the Whore and a fantasy work, Malini in Whirlwood. Ms. Kapur divides her time living in California and India.

By Kamla K. Kapur

The book is a series of thematically linked love poems addressed to Kapur's husband who took his life. The 31 connected poems are a dialogue between a woman and her ghost husband. 

It is the inner journey of a survivor of suicide whose process of grief turns from a suicidal sorrow, guilt, and suffering, to a resurgence and celebration of life. Kapur's brutal honesty throughout the poems and a prose epilogue gives the reader an insight into the hidden springs of human nature, and makes this book of poems a powerful and moving experience. “The grief of his loss was an opportunity for self-transformation and the poems were my journey through death, back to a new perception and experience of life,” says Kapur. 

The Book has been co-published with Hemkunt Publishers Pvt Ltd., New Delhi, India.

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