About Tarang

Tarang Press, founded in 2005, is small press and alternative publisher based in India and the United States. 

Tarang has the mission to publish primarily English language literary works by South Asian and Americans authors who are outside the mainstream. Books are aimed at an English-speaking audience in North America and South Asian markets and will give worthy authors and poets a voice.

Tarang co-publishes in India with Hemkunt Publishers, Private Ltd. of New Delhi. Hemkunt, known for their excellence in book publishing since 1948, specializing in schoolbooks, children's books, and general books for adults, will focus on marketing and distribution in India. 

Tarang will publish a few books a year focusing on poetry, fiction, non-fiction, and works on Nature and the environment. 

Many will be illustrated with original artwork or photography. The Tarang publishing model allows unknown authors to present a finished product to larger publisher-partners that will minimize their development and production costs.